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Hasbro debuts new Star Wars Carbon-Freezing Chamber playset

One of the most famous scenes from maybe the best-loved Star Wars movie is getting the plastic treatment from Hasbro.

He’s no good to me dead

If you’re a Star Wars fan, then the whole Bespin set of scenes probably rank pretty high on the coolness scale. And of course, one of the biggest highlights from that setting was the Carbon-Freezing Chamber. As you might’ve seen a few days ago, that’s the newest playset coming up from Hasbro.

Well, maybe “playset” isn’t the right word. The Chamber is more of a diorama really, as there isn’t all that much to it. You get a chamber itself, as well as a set of platforms to pose figures on, but that’s kind of it.

Still, it’s pretty darn cool to look at, and it looks to be incredibly faithful to the original set from the movie. The Chamber also does come with a figure in the form of one Stormtrooper, as well as Han Solo in Carbonite.

There’s also one other feature, though you’ll have to fork out some more money to make use of it. Honestly though, it seems like it might kind of make the whole thing.

Namely, you can link 2 of these together to create the whole Carbon Freezing platform. Looks to be, that you would have to buy two of the same playset to do that though. Meaning that you’ll have an extra Carbonite… tube. Still, it’s a neat little ability.

The Carbon Freezing Chamber is set to ship just in time for the Holidays, this coming November. It’ll run you $49.99 USD from Hasbro Pulse. Alternatively, you can also pick it up from our pals at Entertainment Earth. And don’t forget that if you do buy from EE, BG will get a small commission from the sale.

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