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The Green Lantern to kick off “season 2” next week

Seasons in a comic book series? Looks like DC Comics has a fresh idea on starting new runs as Morrison and Sharp’s The Green Lantern returns.

Season premier

I have to admit, this is a first. I am unaware of any other comic book series doing “seasons”, ever. It’s actually a pretty clever way for a new run to start, instead of just beginning with yet another first issue.

Not that the gimmick actually changes what’s become an expected part of the industry, but it sure sounds better than a slightly different title with a #1 stuck on it.

In any event, season 2 of The Green Lantern brings writer Grant Morrison and artist Liam Sharp back together with the DCU’s most famed GL in Hal Jordan. If you looked season 1, it sounds like season 2 will be picking up right where it left off.

That means more of the ‘space cop’ theme, and plenty of slightly weird sci-fi action. This is Morrison remember, so it’s going to get a little odd at times. And that’s just what the main storyline is, especially if you’re a long time GL fan.

Simply put, it involves the Guardians leaving OA. But that’s not all, as they’re leaving it to a bunch of “young upstarts”. The book is scheduled to arrive on the racks next week, on February 12th.

Can’t wait? Then you can check out a full 6 page preview of it on DC’s site here.

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