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The Transformers meet the Terminator in new comic

As crossovers go, this is a weird one. Dark Horse Comics and IDW will be pitting bot against bot for Transformers vs The Terminator.

Fated meeting?

So there are two ways of looking at this one. On one hand, it’s kind of a fitting crossover since both properties revolve around robots. And not he other, it’s outta left field crazy since they’re as different as night and day. That’s not to say that there aren’t some very cool ways that Terminator and the Transformers could inhabit a shared story though.

And from the sound of the press release, it certainly seems kinda neat. David Mariotte and John Barber will be teaming up as writers for this one, along with Tom Waltz, who IDW readers should know from his excellent TMNT book. Artist Alex Milne will handle the visuals on the book, which we know little about at this point.

When titans tussle

All IDW is saying is that the four issue series will offer “an epic crossover that revisits the concepts of alien invasion and time-traveling resistance fighters… but twists them in unexpected ways!”

“I still remember the visceral thrill and terror of my first viewing of THE TERMINATOR, and while I’ve seen it a hundred times since then, it still gets my pulse running,” says John Barber, co-writer and IDW Editor-in-Chief. “I’ve worked on TRANSFORMERS a lot over the years, and the opportunity to combine these two mechanistic universes together to see who comes out on top (while working alongside Tom, David, and my old collaborator Alex, no less) —well, it’s way too exciting a chance to pass up.”

“TRANSFORMERS was a large part of my childhood; I was captivated, wanting to see how Optimus Prime would foil the plans of Megatron,” says artist Alex Milne. “Later, I came across THE TERMINATOR and was amazed by the idea of a robot pretending to be a human, sent back in time to hunt down a specific target. Now, as an adult, I’m very pleased to lend my talents to a project which sees these sci-fi icons brought together!”

IDW press release

Featuring multiple cover variants, including retailer exclusives from Gavin Fullerton, Alex Milne, Freddie E. Williams IIand Francesco Francavilla, Transformers vs The Terminator #1 hits stands this March.

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