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NYCC 19: DC Collectibles debuts DCeased figures and more

DC Collectibles didn’t have a huge presence at NYCC 2019. Probably the biggest news was that Essentials is expanding with DCeased figures.

The dead rise, and other things

There really wasn’t a ton of stuff on hand in the DC Comics booth at NYCC. The usual film costumes were there though, with suits from the upcoming Birds of Prey movie being highlighted. So if you were looking for snapshots, there was your chance. Along with them was an art gallery, as well as a promo for a DC Comics credit card.

As for the actual merchandise showcases, there were only a select few. Though I have to admit, even with a lack of real estate DC Collectibles managed to cram a decent amount of stuff into them. This amounted to some clothing accessories, and the items that you actually want to see – statues and action figures.

Batman Black & White

Believe it or not, the Batman Black & White mini-statue line issues its 100th statue soon, so DC had a bunch on hand to show off. The centennial entry in the set comes from Todd McFarlane, depicting his heavy-caped, brooding Dark Knight. As we told you a few weeks ago too, number 101 is another from Frank Miller.

That line has been joined by a Harley Quinn Black, White & Red line, which was on display as well. And in the same case we got a selection of Bombshells, Cover Girls, and a Designer Series statue from Alex Ross.

  • Batman by Jim Lee
  • Batman by Frank Miller
  • Batmonster by Greg Capullo

DC Essentials

Aside from the above, there were some cool DC Essentials figures on display as well. That includes a new DCeased sub-line. That wave kicks things off with four figures.

I call it a sub-line since it’s kind of it’s own thing, though they’re technically just a part of the Essentials series according to DC. That main line got a few more figures too by the way, including a really cool “Speed Force” Flash.

  • #23 Batman Rebirth Version 2
  • #24 The Flash Speed Force
  • #25 Nightwing New 52
  • #26 Superman: The Return of Superman
  • #27 Essentially DCeased Batman
  • #28 Essentially DCeased The Joker
  • #29 Essentially DCeased Harley Quinn
  • #30 Essentially DCeased Superman

Batman: The Adventure Continues

A perennial winner for DC Collectibles, their spinoff of the Batman: The Animated Series line is still on the way. The new entries will be figures that depict characters that haven’t been on the famed cartoon, but done in its style.

Coming up will be:

  • The Batman Who Laughs 
  • Talon
  • HUSH 
  • Thomas Wayne as Batman

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