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First Rune II trailer arrives

After a long pause, the Rune series is back with fire, blood, demons, and lots of action. Check out the first trailer for Run II.

The north remembers

There’s decent chance that you’ll remember Rune. From developer Human Head, the game was a pretty great hack and slash that was steeped in viking lore.

It was seemingly one and done for Rune though, as the series went dark for years. Now Run is back though, and looking in fine form. An action/RPG, Rune II brings the fires of Ragnarok to the viking world.

As you can see, you can still hack off limbs aplenty in Rune II. It’s nice to see some things don’t change. There’s quite a bit that is different this time around though, in addition to the world-ending story.

Building on a legacy

You’ll create your own viking warrior and head out into an open-world in Rune II. More than just that though, you’ll actually get to pick your own patron god, and Human Head hints that you won’t be able to trust all of them.

Rune II also features co-op multiplayer, multiple enemy factions to battle and secrets to discover. Part of the quest will involve sailing too, and you will have to build and upgrade a longship.

On top of all of that, there’s the main quest itself. It actually has some really cool twists too, involving Loki and his manipulating of time.

  • The Ragnarok Timer – It is fated that Loki will die when Ragnarok ends. However, he has found a way to manipulate the flow of time and continuously resets the world, creating an infinite cycle of chaos.
  • Perpetual Ages Of Darkness – Every time Ragnarok is reset, a new era begins, each filled with different obstacles: perpetual night, giant-filled lands, harsh ice-ridden landscapes, and more. You’ll need to traverse many ages before amassing the power needed to defeat Loki.

Sound good? From Epic Games and Human Head, Rune II will have a world gameplay reveal on May 24th (this Friday) and hit the PC via the Epic Games Store some time this summer.

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