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Earthworm Jim book hits IndieGoGo

Earthworm Jim is coming back to the world of video games. And now he’s coming back to comics as well via a brand new IndieGoGo campaign.


Did you know that there was an Earthworm Jim comic back in the 90s? Well, I didn’t, but there was. It’s easy to see why of course, since the mid-90s were the heyday for the Shiny-produced series of side-scrolling action games.

There were the games, the toys, the cartoon, and the comic. Jim was absolutely massive back then. Not quite up to Sonic and Mario levels, but pretty close.

Now the series is coming back, with the original creative team behind it. Exclusively hitting the upcoming Intellivision Amico console, the new game is being talked about as a return to form for Jim. That’s a very good thing indeed, but it’s not the end of this rebirth.

Just hitting the crowd funding platform IndieGoGo today, Earthworm Jim returns via creator Doug TenNapel, who will be writing and illustrating the volume. TenNaple’s book will tell the origin of EWJ, which apparently hasn’t been revealed till now.

TenNapel says the book will uncover where the super-suit came from, how it transformed a lowly worm into the the Jim we all know and love, and why he’s into launching cows. Actually, that’s the title – Earthworm Jim: Launching Cows.

Multiple tiers are available for those who are looking to back the project, including one with signed copies and a “making of” book. Not that there’s a question as to whether it’s actually going to get made.

With 60 days left in the campaign, the book has absolutely crushed its $12k goal. It’s sitting at 783 backers as of this writing, which translates into $79, 271 USD. So yeah, it’s happening.

You can find out more info on the book’s site here, or back the project on the IGG here.

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