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Bungie splits with Activision, maintains control of Destiny

It’s over. After 8 years, Bungie is splitting with publisher Activision to strike out on their own. Though they will hold onto their biggest (current) IP.

It’s your Destiny

Eight years ago Bungie struck out on their own, leaving the Halo franchise to Microsoft and 343 Industries. It was a gamble that saw them fall in with one of the biggest publishers in gaming – Activision.

Their first project was a game that looked an awful lot like Halo, though differed significantly in the details. Destiny was received pretty well by players, who took to the new multiplatform and multiplayer series well.

Now two Destiny releases in, several expansions deep, and in the middle of what was a 10 year deal, the developer has decided its finished. Not all together mind you, just with Activision.

We don’t really know what actually led to this decision, but nevertheless the deal is done. Activision and Bungie are divorcing, and shockingly the latter company is hanging onto Destiny as a brand. Actually, maybe it’s not that shocking.

Though Destiny sold well, the latest expansion (Forsaken) didn’t sell well enough to meet Activision’s expectations. So perhaps the publishing house wasn’t all that keen on hanging onto it.

What does the future hold?

While the reasons for the split are unclear, both companies seem to be handling the breakup well, publicly wishing each other well. Activision has also announced that Blizzard.net will still be the online home for Destiny 2, at least for the foreseeable future.

Again though, any future Destiny games (or expansions presumably) will be published directly by Bungie. Also, the direction that the series takes now is totally up to them. Will there be new exclusivity agreements? A shift to single player? An arena shooter? Where their baby goes now is all up to Bungie.

Want more info? You can read a ton more about the split at industry site MCV via the link below.

Source: MCV

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