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More than a simple “remaster”, PS4 MediEvil to be a full remake

The upcoming PS4 version of MediEvil will indeed be more than just a remaster. The game will be a fresh take on the PSOne classic.

All new, all different

Apparently, MediEvil has been talked about as a remaster. From what Sony Worldwide Studios chairman Shawn Layden is saying, the game was even described as that in the early advertising.  However, this is the opposite of what it actually is.

IGN reports that Layden spoke about the upcoming title on the PlayStation BlogCast. In the segment, he flat out says that “This is a remake.” Layden then gets into the work that developer Other Ocean Interactive is putting into the hack ‘n’ slash. They’ve been working off of the original material, in terms of key art and such, to make what sounds like a pretty new experience.

If this is what it appears to be, that MediEvil will be a release in the vein of the Crash and Spyro trilogies, then I couldn’t be happier. The original game was both fun to play, and a visual treat. It would be great to see it return with a splash.

Oh, and as to those rumors that the game would be launching as a Halloween surprise, they were just that; rumors. What we are getting though, is a first trailer. Not as great, but still a look at the full game, which is nice.

There’s no release date as of yet.

Source: IGN

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