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Call of Duty: WWII’s Shadow War DLC pack is now available

Closing out the WWII “season” for Activision’s last Call of Duty title, Shadow War is finally here. If you like zombies or multiplayer, you’ll want to check it out.


With the multiplayer only Black Ops 4 looming, WWII is going out with a bang. This pack looks to contain a mess of maps, zombies and more to keep you busy till that next game does finally hit the store shelves this fall.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Airship – Fight atop a secret Airship base in the Alps, home to a docked zeppelin high above, as well as a treacherous cliff far below. Secure and hold the Airship to gain a powerful vantage point from which to control the action.
  • Chancellery – Oust enemy forces from their French stronghold within the Chancellery. Maintain control from courtyard vantage points, while engaging in chaotic firefights through the flanking pathways in this night-time incursion behind enemy lines.
  • Excavation – Battle in and around an enemy mine in Algeria. Fight up close in a devastated tank graveyard, or outsmart foes by attacking from one of many heightened rock outcroppings.
  • Operation Arcane – It’s no secret that Nazi Germany had many clandestine weapons and technology programs during World War II. In this War Mode Mission, players are tasked with infiltrating a hidden facility deep in the forested Austrian mountains to steal enemy secrets and schematics, and finally destroy any and all secret technology that remains.
  • The Frozen Dawn – In the final chapter of Nazi Zombies, Thule has awakened, and malevolent powers stir beneath the ice. The Sword of Barbarossa was the key to something much larger – and much darker – than anyone had imagined. Now the weary heroes have been brought to the very Throne of Death… and Marie, Jefferson, Olivia, and Drostan are all that stand between humanity and utter destruction.

But wait, there’s more!

Not only do you get all of the above in this pack, but the download includes something that has never been seen before in a CoD title. Owners of the pack will be able to invite non-owners to play the maps included.

No, the maps won’t be free for those gamers who haven’t bought the pack (or the season pass). But it is pretty nice that they can experience them anyway, while playin with friends. Additionally, the War Mode mission will also fall under this banner, so you’ll be able to buddy up for that as well.

It’s worth adding however, that this freedom isn’t endless. The ability to share Shadow War with your pals will expire on October 28th.

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