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Full details released for this weekend’s QuakeCon

It’s QuakeCon time, and that means the Doom Eternal gameplay reveal is finally here. But Bethesda has plenty more than just that planned.


It’s kind of funny how an event named after one series has become known for a whole company’s offerings. Not that QuakeCon doesn’t have lots of Quake action to partake in, but there’s fast getting to be so much more to Bethesda’s yearly showcase/convention.

This year, there’s little doubt what the top billing is. That being Doom Eternal. The first sequel to the shockingly good Doom reboot, Doom Eternal is getting headline placement at the Con’s keynote. It’s there that fans will finally get to see the gameplay reveal for the hotly anticipated 2019 release.

There’s more of course, as Rage 2 will also be getting a look during the opening ceremony. Past that, there is also a full list of scheduled events, and an exhibit hall packed with retailers where you can pick up some stuff to take home with you.

Here’s what the full show looks like:

Event Highlights & Featured Panels (all times listed in Central)

Thursday, August 9:      

  • 1:00–9:00 pm — The Elder Scrolls: Legends Masters Series Tournament


Friday, August 10:

  • All Day — The Elder Scrolls: Legends Masters Series Tournament
  • All Day — The American Red Cross Blood Drive
  • 11:00am — QuakeCon 2018 Keynote
    During the Keynote Address, Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin will reveal DOOM Eternal gameplay for the first time, and there will be additional updates for titles like Quake Champions, The Elder Scrolls Online, and more.
  • 1:00pm — Quake Champions QuakeCon Open 2v2 Matches Begin
  • 2:30pmPanel: So, You Want to be a Bethesda Streamer
    Meet with Bethesda’s Influencer Manager, Community Team, and streamers to learn how to get started streaming with Bethesda games.
  • 3:30pm — Panel: The Who and How of QuakeCon
    Meet the QuakeCon team and learn how this amazing event comes together every year.
  • 4:30pm — Panel: Keeping it Cool with Modders, Inc
    Learn how to make an amazing PC case while keeping it cool with a water cooling system.
  • 4:30pm — Panel: Don’t Mess With Tech-Xas (Everything is Bigger)
    Meet developers from Zenimax’s Texas studios, learn how to get into the industry, and have some Texas fun!​
  • 5:45pm — The Elder Scrolls: Legends Masters Series Finals
  • 6:30pm — Friday Night Magic Tournament
  • 8:00pm — Master Pancake Theater


Saturday, August 11     

  • All Day — Quake Champions QuakeCon Open 2v2 Matches
  • All Day — The American Red Cross Blood Drive
  • 10:00am — Community Managers and Coffee
    Meet Bethesda’s community managers for coffee and chat about ideas, initiatives and more.
  • 11:00am — Fallout 76 and Fan Q&A
    Todd Howard and others from Bethesda Game Studios will host a panel and Q&A revealing more information about Fallout 76.
  • 12:00pm — Panel: Talk Saves Lives
    The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention teaches how to recognize risk factors and warning signs for suicide and how to have honest conversations to help someone who may be at risk or in crisis.
  • 12:00pm — Panel: Quake Academy
    An introduction to Quake Champions for new players with the community team and veterans offering tips, tricks and strategies to get good fast.
  • 1:00pm — DOOM Eternal and RAGE 2 Encore
    An encore presentation of DOOM Eternal and RAGE 2 content from the Keynote address; if you missed it on Friday, come see it live on Saturday! 
  • 2:00pm — Panel: 40 Years of Gaming
    An open discussion on the good, bad and amazing achievements in gaming in the last 40 years. 
  • 2:30pm — Panel: DOOM Eternal with id Software
    Join id Software for a deeper look and discussion of DOOM Eternal. 
  • 3:00pm — Panel: Defining Mooncrash – How Arkane Invented a New Genre
    Arkane Studios will discuss inventing a new genre with Prey: Mooncrash and provide insight into the upcoming Typhon Hunter DLC.
  • 3:30pm — Panel: Cupcake Champions
    A delicious and nutritious twist on Quake Champions‘ Duel format. With CUPCAKES! 
  • 4:15pm — Quake Champions QuakeCon Collegiate 2v2 Finals
  • 5:00pm — Panel: RAGE 2 – Double Your Pleasure: Doubling Down to Make a Kickass Sequel
    Join id Software and Avalanche Studios for a look at characters, factions and the world of RAGE 2.
  • 5:30pm — Quake Champions QuakeCon Open 2v2 Finals
  • 8:00pm — QuakeCon Community Block Party


Sunday, August 12:          

  • All Day — Quake Champions QuakeCon Open 1v1 Duel Showdown
  • 4:30pm — Quake Champions QuakeCon 1v1 Finals

The Exhibit Hall will also feature a variety of vendors, sponsors and non-profits. A full list of events, activities and participants can be found below.

  • Exhibit Hall Hours:           
    Friday, August 10th: 10am – 6pm CT
    Saturday, August 11th: 10am – 6pm CT
    Sunday, August 12th: 10am – 5pm CT
  • Passport Program:           
    For the second year, the Bethesda booth will feature a QuakeCon Passport Program where playing games, including RAGE 2, The Elder Scrolls: Blades, Quake Champions, The Elder Scrolls Online, The Elder Scrolls: Legends and more, can lead to fantastic prizes. To receive a daily entry ticket, visitors can either complete demos or simply stop by the Bethesda booth and show that you have The Elder Scrolls: Legends downloaded on your phone or tablet.

Events & Activities:

  • Hotseat – Attendees play games with randomly selected objectives for fun and prizes.
  • Best Sign in the BYOC – We know our attendees can get pretty creative with their clan signs, so we’ve set up a little contest to award them!
  • Quake Blind – Watch attendees that can’t see what they’re doing stumble it out in a fierce battle of blind will. Partners go head to head in a free-for-all competition. One person is the eyes, the other controls the character blindfolded.
  • Dirty Keyboard Contest – If you haven’t been to a QuakeCon Dirty Keyboard contest recently then this should be one of those bucket list style items. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to laugh and as your favorite QuakeCon celebrities pore over the nastiest keyboards they’ve ever seen in their entire lives.
  • Pick Your Pony – Like watching eSports? Meet us at the Pick Your Pony station near the eSports mainstage to pick your “horse”. If your choice is right you’ll walk away with a cool prize!
  • BAWLS Chugging – Work hard and train hard for this one. This year five-time BAWLS Chugging Champion KenCo12 looks to reclaim his belt from two-time and current reigning champion, Dirty Taco. Or will a new champion emerge and capture the crown?? All you gotta do is pop that cap, and chug that BAWLS.


  • Attic Space Games
  • BAWLS Guarana
  • Corsair
  • Crazzie Gear
  • Dell/Alienware
  • EKWaterblocks
  • Fan Guru
  • Fantasy Flight Games
  • Fixation Vr
  • Fractal Design
  • Mavs Gaming
  • Meeple Solutions
  • Modders Inc
  • More Fun Comics & Games
  • MSI
  • New Blood Interactive
  • Nvidia
  • Pecos Pete’s Soda
  • Performance PCs Inc
  • Razer
  • Solar Flare
  • State Farm Insurance
  • SteelSeries
  • Toornament
  • V1 Tech
  • Ventrilo

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