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Heads up Origin gamers, EA’s “On The House” program is history

Like Thanos snapping his fingers, EA has made Origin’s On The House program fade away. The free games service has officially been retired.

Now you can pay for them!

To be fair, On The House never really offered anything all that new, and it was spottily posted to as well. Still, it was a good way to experience older (sometimes niche) games that you might’ve missed in years gone by.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, this was a service on EA’s Origin PC gaming platform called On The House. This little bonus for users rotated free games in and out, on a somewhat irregular basis. The offerings were solid, sometimes including some of the biggest games of years past like Battlefield 3 and Dragon Age Origins. Again too, they were free and also required no subscription fee. Good stuff that’s now a memory.

PC Gamer discovered this thanks to a Redditor. The gamer noticed that the link for On The House was effectively dead, leading to the Origin home page instead. The publication then confirmed things via EA itself.

So what led to this? Probably two things. PC Gamer points out that Origin just didn’t need the hook of freebies anymore, and also that EA is launching it’s new Origin Access subscription service. Check out the original article at the link below for more.

Source: PC Gamer

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