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July Games With Gold: Assault Android Cactus, Death Squared, Virtua Fighter 5, Splinter Cell

It is time for the Games with Gold announcement and July is full of interesting adventures. Players will be receiving the following games for the month of July for the Xbox One: Assault Android Cactus and Death Squared. From the backward compatibility program comes Virtua Fighter 5 and Splinter Cell: Conviction.

Become A Gun-Toting Assault Cactus And Get Ready To Virtua Fight

Starting on July 1st, Xbox Gold Members will be able to download Assault Android Cactus from Witch Beam. This twin-stick shooter is full of whacky action and tells the tale of an assault police android named, Cactus. While out on patrol, Cactus receives a distress signal from a freighter ship and decides to investigate. This is a big mistake as Cactus is now overrun with malfunctioning robots. Now it is up to Cactus to blast its way out while trying to stay alive.

Jump in the virtual 3D fighting ring with Virtua Fighter 5 from SEGAAmerica. This classic arcade fighter is back in the fifth iteration of the famous 3D battle grounds, Virtua Fighter. Get ready to side step, jump kick and throw opponents through the virtual world. This Xbox 360 arcade game will be available starting on July 1st.

Avoid Death While Staying Sneaky With Sam Fisher

Starting on July 16th, Death Squared from SMG Studio will be available on the Xbox One. Help a squared-shaped robot navigate through a series of puzzles consisting of colored squares. One wrong turn and yep, that cute little robot is toast. Team with with friends to help get those little robots through the puzzles.

Sam Fisher is back through the backward compatibility program as this Xbox 360 game makes it way to the Xbox One. In the 37 game in the series of Splinter Cell, Sam Fisher must stop a corrupt group of ninjas that are planning on taking over the U.S. government. These ninjas turn out to be clones of Fisher’s unknown twin daughters, and now Fisher must choose between his country and family – which is thicker; blood or patriotism? Splinter Cell Conviction may not be this far fetched, but the story is going to be full of twist and turns.


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