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Action/RPG Lovecraft’s Untold Stories oozes onto Steam Early Access

What horrors lurk in the deep dark? Well, if you really want to know then you might want to check out the all-new Lovecraft’s Untold Stories on PC. It’s just hit Early Access.

The rouge ones

Welcome, investigators. You already know: the universe is not what it seems. Lurking in its deepest shadows, hiding behind imposible corners, bubbling and crawling in the cracks between dimensions, sleeping lifeless dreams under the waters, there are ancient terrors that once ruled the Earth — and that will come back some day to claim what was theirs. It is imposible to defeat forever such powers as the Old Ones and the Outer Gods. We all know that, in the end, death and madness awaits us all. But maybe we can delay the inevitable…

Looks pretty neat. I’m not much for rougelikes, but Blini Games’ newest looks flat out cool. Not only does it have the Cthulhu mythos behind it, but it has a great retro-like look to it. It’s also an action/RPG, so there’s a decent amount of stuff to do promised.

The game is available right now in an Early Access form, though it won’t linger there for long. Blini says that this’ll be the title’s state for only about 3 or 4 months, after which they’ll be taking it full retail. So if you want in on what looks to be a pretty nice looking Lovecraftian romp, now might be the time.

Here are the bullets from the press release:

  • Fight more than 50 different monsters from the Myths of Cthulhu in this intense action RPG
  • Explore Lovecraft’s stories in 12 different randomly generated levels and face the Old Ones in 5 special levels
  • Choose your own path: will you look for clues and information to uncover the truth, or just fight your way out?
  • Pick your hero between 5 different characters, each with their own stats and skills, including the detective, the thief, the professor, the witch, and the ghoul
  • Improve your stats to become more powerful, but be careful: madness awaitsfor those who learn too much!
  • Collect and improve more than 30 weapons and hundreds of items and artifacts
  • Look for clues and special items to unlock more stories

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