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Toy Fair 2018: The Loyal Subjects booth highlights

The Loyal Subjects’ mystery box lineups grow with brand new licenses in 2018, like Predator, Aliens, WWE and lots more.


If you were hoping for more TMNT, GI Joe, Transformers or other past licenses that The Loyal Subjects has showcased, you’re kind of out of luck. A company rep did tell us today that there was nothing to talk about “at this time” when it came to the Turtles, but none of the above was present in the booth.

There were some licenses that we’ve seen already (like Street Fighter). But the majority of what was on hand is brand new. There was a lot of it, and all of it was great.

Particularly, the Aliens and The Predator stuff was a highlight. It’s also extremely notable that the WWE line will be window boxed. That means that you’ll be able to see what figures you’re buying. And that’s something relatively new for the company.

The WWE line will also offer not just accessories, but also a build a ring feature. 1/4 of a WWE wrestling will be packed in with some figures, meaning that you’ll actually be able to get a little diorama action going with your lil’ mini-wrestlers. Cool stuff.

Oh, and that Reagan in the horror line? She can pop on and off of the bed, which is a pack-in like the WWE ring.

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