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Is there a Shadowcat movie in the works at Fox, with Brian Michael Bendis attached?

It seems like the X-Men film universe might be expanding with a movie based on a classic comic. That’s if the latest rumors are true, and they don’t get squashed by a few recent happenings.


This one’s a little out there on a few fronts. First, this piece of news probably should still have the rumor label attached, since it’s not substantiated by anything that we know of. Second, it could be pretty neat if it’s true. So let’s dig in.

Former Marvel scribe Brian Michael Bendis and Deadpool (1) director Tim Miller are apparently both attached to something X-Men related at Fox. Working-titled “143”, very little is known about this project. Although there were some rumors that a Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat) movie was in development a while back.

This is very relevant since Uncanny X-Men #143 is a landmark issue for that specific character. Pryde starred in that story as a rookie X-Man who found herself battling a demon (yes, really) alone in the mansion. That’s a story that would fit nicely with the darker tone that New Mutants is set to unleash on the series later this year. So, it definitely could be.

There are a few stumbling blocks though, that should jump right into any fan’s head.

For starters, Bendis is out at Marvel. He’s now working exclusively at competitor DC Comics, which would make for an odd situation. While this isn’t a Marvel Studios (Disney) film, that little fact plays into the second caveat – Disney is in the process of buying Fox.

All of this ties together to make a few kind of weird hurdles for the film. And I could easily see things getting a bit too tangled for this to move forward. That doesn’t mean that a Kitty Pryde movie is dead though, as Fox could certainly continue on without the attached writer. Or with him for that matter, since the film arena is certainly separate from the comics… to a degree.

Either way, it will be interesting to see how this all shakes out.

Source: IGN

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