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Injustice 2 gets a does of Turtle Power in today’s TMNT reveal trailer

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are finally revealed in NetherRealm’s DC Comics fight-fest, Injustice 2. How does the team play? Check out the official trailer.

Fresh from the sewers

Landing in the game as dlc this very month are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Four characters in one, it’s been something of a mystery how they’ll actually play since they were announced with the rest of Fighter Pack 3. That’s a set that also includes the Atom and Enchantress, by the way.

Well, now we know. Sort of. While there’s no specific mention in the trailer above, it looks like players will be able to select any of the four Turtles, and then be able to call on the rest for special moves in combat. That’s kind of a cool system, if that is in fact how the TMNT play.

However they work as in-game characters though, it’s pretty darn cool to see them at all. And don’t forget that this is a game that also includes the likes of Dark Horse’s Hellboy. It’s so neat to see what NetherRealm has been able to do with what is, at its base form, a DC Comics game. Neat stuff.

There’s no a’la carte release date for the Turtles as of yet, but Ultimate Edition and Fighter Pack 3 owners can download the green teens starting February 13th.

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