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Check out a bit from Sony Pictures’ Venom from CCXP

Appearing at Brazil Comic Con, there was a very brief word about Venom. As short as the interview was, there’s a bit fans might be able to glean from it as to the flavor of the character’s depiction in the movie.

We are (a) Venom (movie)

First, check out the interviews

Watch it? Okay.

So, number one – that’s a pretty cool tee. And it actually (hopefully) lends an idea as to how Venom will look in the movie, when it hits theaters. While there have been some behind the scenes images to hit the web, none have really shown anything other than Eddie Brock (Hardy) in relatively normal gear.

The tee he’s wearing here though, clearly shows Venom in all his toothy glory. He looks exactly like his comic book counterpart. And while I’m sure that’s not what fans should completely expect to see, it’s reassuring on some level to see that it’s a visage the cast and crew are very familiar with.

Lethal Symbiote

It’s also revealed in the video that the film will play off of the “Lethal Protector” and “Planet of the Symbiotes” story arcs from the comics. These were two pretty major Venom stories, which took place a good deal of time away from each other. Bringing them together though, could make for a good solo movie with the character.

If you’re unfamiliar, Lethal Protector was really the first arc to cast Venom as an anti-hero. He was away from Spider-Man for the first time, and established as more than a single minded villain. It was also the subtitle for his first solo comic, so it’s fitting here.

Planet of the Symbiotes meanwhile, has Brock going off world. It’s a way more recent story, and a much “bigger” one than Lethal Protector in terms of scope. It stars exactly what the name implies by the way, a planet of Venom-like beings. Not that I’d expect to see that either.

We might be looking at Venom on his own and back in his home city, trying to come to terms with what he now is. This could be happening while Carnage (Venom’s spawn) is split off of the him. If the cold-blooded Carnage runs amok in San Fran, it’d give Venom (who despises his “child”) more than enough ammo for a heroic turn.

Personally, I’m still hopeful that all of this will lead to an eventual Spider-Man/Venom confrontation in the movies. As a fan, I’d like nothing more than to see that play out. Eddie Brock returning to NYC to hunt down the wall-crawler would be awesome, somehow blaming him for ruining his life.

This might be a little difficult of course. Remember that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man still  a kid, and there’s zero in the way of a black suit storyline at this point. But you never know, maybe there’s a way to pull it off.

As it stands now, Venom is set to hit theaters on October 5th. And it’ll be very interesting to see what it’s got in store.

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