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Sony soars with almost six million PS4’s sold over the Holidays

The PlayStation 4 is still rocking and rolling with a monster amount of sales over the last Holiday season.

The beast

Microsoft’s Xbox One is reinvigorated, and the name now is brandished by what is probably the most powerful gaming console ever. Nintendo has a runaway success on their hands with the Switch, a console that’ blasted off to a hot start. But all of that doesn’t seem to be having much of an effect on the sales of Sony’s juggernaut of a machine. Aside from some minor drop-off, the PS4 just keeps on going.

The company has announced that, over this last Holiday Season, they sold some 5.9 million units of their latest hardware. That brings the total lifetime sales of the machine to -wait for it- 73.6m units worldwide. Yikes.

Those figures actually beat some estimates from earlier this year, and make sure that Sony very much holds onto the top spot in gaming. Again though, that’s not to say that there wasn’t some slowdown.

Last year, Sony’s numbers were even better. The hardware giant sold 6.2 million units, which is a good deal better than this one. Even so though, it wasn’t a disastrous slip, and is still mighty impressive. The PS4 has been that though, in every way, since it’s scene-stealing announcement and incredibly well-orchestrated “fan friendly” campaign. This generation, Sony has done everything right.

That includes coming through on games, which the company also pointed out sold a boat load. 55.9 million PS4 games were moved this Holiday. Big numbers being tossed around by Sony there too.

Source: MCV

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