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Valiant Comics Inching Toward The Big Screen

Two actors recently portraying comic book characters may bring Valiant Comics to the masses. Find out more about Bautista and Leto.

Valiant Comics

Valiant Comics’ Plans

In 2015, Valiant announced it would pursue plans to make films based on Bloodshot, Harbinger and Harbinger Wars. The original deal involved five movies, which would consist of two Bloodshot and Harbinger films before tying them into each other for Harbinger Wars.

While nothing is confirmed at this point, there are rumblings that Jared Leto has been approached to play Bloodshot. The latest addition is that Dave Bautista is in talks to play the Eternal Warrior. Leto recently portrayed the Joker in the film Suicide Squad, while Bautista has received fame for Marvel’s hit Guardians of the Galaxy 1 & 2, as Drax the Destroyer.

The Eternal Warrior

Eternal Warrior debuted in 1992’s Solar, Man of the Atom #10 and returned in Archer & Armstrong #5 as part of Valiant’s 2012 reboot. The Eternal Warrior was born Gilad Anni-Padda in Mesopotamia, and is immortal, in addition to being a combat master. He is charged with protecting the Geomancer, a person capable of communicating with the Earth itself.

There are plenty of details yet to be worked out, but this could be a great way to bring Valiant’s properties to millions of additional fans. Only time will tell.
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