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Harold Halibut receives new teaser trailer

The hand made adventure game has received a new trailer, showing off the title’s underwater setting and stop motion art style.

The Facts

In a new teaser trailer released by Slow Bros. July 19, the game’s setting is further detailed. Through a panning shot from a spaceship that has crashed underwater, the view pulls out to show an unknown universe before returning to a sketch made by the game’s protagonist, Herbert. The trailer ends with Herbert saying he wonders what life would have been like on Earth.

On the game’s website, the developers describe the game as a nautical adventure where players take the role of Harold, a young janitor aboard a space ship that has crashed on an unknown planet made up of water. When one of the ship’s lead scientists approaches him for help uncovering the possibility of relaunching the ship, they set off to discover how they can do so, shaking up the lives of the ship’s inhabitants in the process.

The game is currently raising money via Kickstarter, with the campaign set to end August 4.

Author’s Take

It’s charming titles like this that make the Indie gaming scene worth keeping up with. Fingers crossed that Slow Bros. can make this project happen.



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