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Wild West Online receives first gameplay trailer

The ambitious MMO has received a detailed gameplay trailer, revealing key gameplay mechanics and systems in the game’s world.

The Facts

Released July 10, the trailer shows off some of the game’s key mechanics from navigating shops and services in towns to accepting bounty hunts. Stephan Bugaj, the game’s executive producer, narrates the demo and explains how these systems work in the greater scope of the game, including how a morality system will be impacted by player choice and actions.

On the game’s official website, 612 Games describes “Wild West Online” as a game heavily influenced and impacted by player choice. One can choose to be a gun toting desperado, a law abiding sheriff or even a gold seeking prospector, interacting with other players based on these differing moral standings.

“Wild West Online” is projected for release by the end of this year with a public alpha to be held this summer.

Credit to Gamespot for the trailer footage.

Author’s Take

“Wild West Online” is shaping up to be a pretty impressive game. The developers have said that they are fans of the western genre, and it definitely shows in the scope of what they’re trying to achieve. That said, the game still looks a bit rough considering it’ll launch this year. Here’s hoping more information and footage will be made available soon.


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