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The original Quake Ranger joins Quake Champions

Hankering for a little of the original Quake? Well how about playing as the original main character from the series, the Slipgate Ranger?

OG Quake

Okay, so this isn’t quite the same as a new single player campaign. Honestly though, it’s still cool. Quake Champions welcomes the Slipgate Ranger in its latest preview trailer, and he’s looking pretty darn awesome. He’s all decked out in his typical battle armor from the original title, that was a given. On top of that though, the Ranger is outfitted with an awesome special ability – teleportation.

Here’s his full stat sheet:


  • Starting Health: 100
  • Starting Armor: 25
  • Speed: 320

Active Ability – Dire Orb: Ranger battled waves upon waves of Death Knights and Shamblers to get the Dire Orb. It was worth keeping. Now he uses it to teleport around the Arenas, reaching ledges, dodging rockets, and telefragging unsuspecting enemies dumb enough to stand in his way. The Dire Orb also does damage when it hits an enemy and if left unused, it will explode, damaging foes in the immediate area.

Passive Ability – Son of a Gun: Ranger’s a veteran – he’s knows all the tricks of the Arenas. His Son of a Gun passive ability reduces the amount of self-damage he takes by 25%, meaning he can Rocket Jump with less penalty to get the drop on unsuspecting foes.

Also worth noting is that the closed beta is still very much out there and recruiting. While the first round is already cookin’, it’s set to be expanded to more players soon. So if you’re still looking to sign up and play before the game officially hits, well you might want to click here.

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