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Second The Mummy trailer released, and there’s no place to run

Tom Cruise might be in a bit of trouble this Summer. It looks like the newest revision of The Mummy mythos might just feature the most godlike version of the monster yet.

The Mummy returns

A big star, an iconic character, and a heaping helping of driving force from Universal Pictures. That’s what’s behind this new version of The Mummy. Make no mistake about it either, there’s a ton riding on this film.

If you’re out of the monster loop, The Mummy is the second attempt at establishing a Universal Monsters shared-universe. The first was, of course, 2014’s Dracula Untold with actor Luke Evans. Thing was, DU didn’t make an impact at the box office and sort of fell… flat. It wasn’t what Universal wanted as a cornerstone film for its new universe.

The Mummy however, looks like a much bigger film, and one that might be able to do what Drac couldn’t.

Not that we won’t be seeing Dracula in this new set of films, cause I can’t imagine that we won’t. It does look like The Mummy will be a pretty big part of things though, since she’s apparently pretty freaking powerful.

I wouldn’t call this horror exactly either, more like ‘dark adventure’. And I could easily see a PG-13 rating tagged onto The Mummy. That’d be a good thing, since R-rated horror flicks might not exactly make for blockbusters at the Summer BO.

Note I said “horror”. I know you’re probably thinking about Deadpool, which did huge with an R-rating. Remember though, that that was something else entirely. Pool might have been violent, but it wasn’t as gory as a horror movie would be expected to be, with that kind of rating.

Some good moves in place so far, and a pretty sharp trailer here as the followup to what was an impressive initial look. Cross your fingers, The Mummy unwraps itself at the box office this Summer, on June 9th.

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