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Activision releases Crash N. Sane Trilogy video and shots from PAX East

Appearing at PAX East this weekend will be the trio of Crash Bandicoot remakes. But you don’t have to be on the show floor to gawk at it.

Hang Eight, it’s the N. Sane Trilogy!

Look familiar? That level is from the first Crash sequel, and has -of course- been remade along with everything else for the N. Sane Trilogy. A collection of all three of the best-loved Bandicoot titles from the PSOne, the new pack will feature redux’ of all the stages that you remember… and some you don’t.

I have zero recollection of Hang Eight here, that’s the level’s title by the way. That might be half the fun of the N. Sane Trilogy though, as gamers will be able to get back to the games that made Crash’s three PSOne outings some of the best in platforming history.

And hey, if you don’t exactly remember some of those levels, that’s even better. Much like NBC’s Summer jingle from years ago stated, if you haven’t seen ’em they’re new to you. Not that I don’t want a brand new Crash game though.

I’m hoping that the N. Sane Trilogy is just the first step to reintroducing the Bandicoot to the gaming world. And since these are remakes, all the games included are classically-styled Crash adventures. And that kind of has to give you quite a bit of hope if you’re a fan. Cross your fingers that any future Crash games will be crafted in the same way.

Crash Bandicoot: The N. Sane Trilogy arrives on the PS4 on June 30th. It’ll be coming to other platforms as well, but there are no dates on those as of yet.

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