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Xbox Live Games With Gold For March

This March, Xbox Live members will receive Layers of Fear, Evolve: Ultimate Edition, Borderlands 2 and Heavy Weapon as part of the Games with Gold Program.

Xbox Live Games With Gold For March
The line up for Games with Gold program from Xbox.

Xbox One Games With Gold

Starting on March 1, Xbox Live members can download Layer of Fear. From the bloober team comes a horror title that will twist your mind. This psychedelic horror title is a FPS story driven narrative. Set in the Victorian Era, players will explore the mind of an insane painter. As the story unfolds, the painter begins to question what his own reality. Experience the scares starting next month.

Starting on March 16, players will be able to download Evolve Ultimate Edition, from Turtle Rock Studios. This multi-player experience is a 4v1 monster battle. Players will play as a team of four hunters, all with distinct roles, to hunt down and kill an alien monster. The hunters will need to work together in order to defeat the much stronger monster. The Ultimate Edition includes all the new characters and monsters since the launch.

Xbox 360 Games With Gold

Starting on March 1, players can download Borderlands 2. This whacky FPS from Gearbox is a masterpiece of gaming. Experience the tale of a group of vault hunters as they race across the planet of Pandora looking for the ultimate treasure. This adventure will leave a last impression on anyone willing to experience the story.

Starting on March 16, players will be able to download the 2D shooter Heavy Weapon. In this bullet hell game, players will control a tank as it storms the beaches and war fronts alike.

Heavy Weapon Games With Gold March
Battle all over the world in Heavy Weapon.

Players will save a total of $100 dollars and can earn up to 3450 achievement points to be added to the gamerscores. Enjoy the free games and happy March!

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