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Toy Fair 17: Street Fighter, Mega Man and more at Bluefin

Bandai, S.H.Figuarts, Storm Collectibles and more were all in the Bluefin booth at Toy Fair 2017. And if you like Mega man, there were a few awesome surprises too.

A distributor, not a toy-maker

Bluefin is an interesting company. They’re not a toy-maker, but a distributor. So they basically make sure all the cool stuff that you want to buy gets into your favorite retailers. And of course, that eventually leads to your welcoming hands.

I know, I hear you- we don’t really cover companies like this. So what’s the deal? Well friends, Bluefin is the only game in town on the Toy Fair show floor when it comes to some of the companies that you do want to read about… and gawk at. And quite honestly, their booth is a joy to walk through.

Some of the coolest collector-level toys on the market today come from under Bluefin’s umbrella here in the US. They carry the likes of Tamashii Nations, Storm Collectibles, The Loyal Subjects, and loads more. And they’re expanding in a very big way, with incredible lines like the Star Wars model kit series. That X-Wing that you’ll see below, by the way, actually has motorized s-foils. Yeah, that’s cool.

Anyway, scroll away and see what was pretty easily one of the most fun booths at the Javits convention center this Toy Fair. Then you might want to start saving your pennies, because most of this stuff should be out some time this year.

Storm Collectibles

You probably know Storm from their upcoming stuff. Both Street Fighter V and Mortal Kombat Classic are getting  little love from the company, and this stuff looks amazing. Particularly cool are the Zangeif and Shao Khan figures, which tower over the standard figs in their respective lines, like Ryu and Reptile (who also looks freaking awesome).

In addition though, the company also creates some pretty awesome niche collector items, like Bruce Lee figures, and a small series of 12″ Hulk Hogan figures.


Around for years and years, Figuarts figures are some of the best-made, coolest toys out there. They’re normally super-posable, and loaded with detail and accessories. That alone makes them more interesting than most other stuff around.

There are a whole lot of excellent licenses that fall under the Figuarts banner too, like Street Fighter V (yes, again), Super Mario, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The newest toys in the Street Fighter line, following up on Ryu and Chun Li, will be Cammy and Rashid. Interesting choices since the aforementioned Storm went with Ken and Zangeif.

As for the Turtles line, well it’s freaking great. I have all four of the TMNT myself, and I’m itching to get just about anything else they’ll be making. So far though, that equates to Shredder alone. Not that that’s disappointing, since he looks pretty sharp (ba-dump-bump). I’ve been told that the isn’t necessarily final either, and that there might be some accessories packed in as well. I’d imagine that’ll be true, since the Turtles themselves come with all kinds of awesome stuff. Sit tight on this one.

Marvel and DC

There wasn’t a ton of Marvel and DC at the Bluefin booth, which is more or less expected. Comic book characters aren’t really their bread and butter after all. What there was, was actually pretty awesome though. Mostly, I’m talking about that fantastic Figuarts Iron Man, but the re-envisionings both Tony and Spider-Man were great too. Those last two fall into the samurai series that has seen some super-cool Star Wars figures as of late.

Speaking of Star Wars

I think ‘wow’ is an appropriate word here. Not only did Bluefin have more Star Wars figures out on display, but they had some of the coolest ships I’ve ever seen.

The figures, of course, are in the aforementioned ‘samurai’ series and are spectacular. Especially set up in the dioramas shown, these are pretty incredible. The ships though, were totally unexpected.

Now, be aware that these aren’t ‘toys’ or replicas. These are a part of a new model kit line, that looks to feature higher detailing than anything else out there. They all come complete with cool bases and some feature a smaller, secondary look at the featured vehicle too.

Perfect for the old desktop? I think so. Though they’d look pretty wicked lined up on their own dedicated display shelf too. Check out the gallery for more.

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