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See how you can grab some of these neat Halo Wars 2 art prints

343 and Microsoft have brought on some artistic talent for high-quality art prints based on the upcoming Halo Wars 2.

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So this is something different. And pretty cool too, if you’re a fan of Halo in general. A trio of artists have produced six pieces of art based on the sequel to the first Halo Wars. Better yet, you’ll have the chance to grab all of ’em. And no, I don’t mean saving the images here. I mean actual prints that you can hang in your gaming den.

    Grzegorz ‘Gabz’ Domaradzki, who started his career as an illustrator and graphic designer, has evolved his art over the years with a focus on keeping his work intriguing and captivating. Putting pen to paper, Gabz designs by hand before perfecting his work digitally. Gabz has lent his artistic style to several iconic franchises including Star Wars, Batman, Iron Man, and many more.
    U.S. based artist Kevin Tong has built a name for himself over the past decade through his intricate portrayal of mainstream entertainment. His portfolio includes work throughout the film, music, and book universe including work for The Black Keys, Mulholland Drive, Aliens, and most recently Akira Kurosawa’s RAN.
    Craig Drake, who began his career in animation and freelance design, channels classic movie posters and modern pop-culture to bring his art deco inspired visions to life. You can see Craig’s use of sleek, sharp lines in his work for Pulp Fiction, Mad Max, Back to the Future, and most recently Disney’s Mulan.

Pretty nice work huh?

In all, the collection of six posters depicts some classic character types. But we’re not talking just the UNSC. Nope, we’ve also got some awesome images of Earth’s foes from the new game – the Banished. That’s right, it’s not Covee’s that you’ll be battling in Halo Wars 2. Instead, you’ll be butting heads with a rogue offshoot of the now defunct Covenant.

How you get your hands on the posters isn’t super straight forward. You’ll have to watch both the Xbox and Halo Twitter channels for the next few weeks to see what’s up with them. Halo Wars 2 launches on the Xbox One and PC on the 21st of this month of course, and it’s till then that you’ll have the chance to get this whole collection.

From the sound of things, the artwork will be appearing in various cities across the US. That’ll be your chance to get them. So basically, hang in there, and keep checking those Twitter feeds daily for more.

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