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New Gen X book will have Jubilee at the helm, stars kids with antlers

Students with antlers? Sure, why not. This is Generation X after all.

A new era for Gen X

For the first time in years, the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning throws open its doors once again inGENERATION X #1! Join writer Christina Strain (Runaways, Civil War II: Choosing Sides) and artist Amilcar Pinna (Astonishing X-Men, All-New Ultimates) as they join forces to bring fans the next generation of mutantkind – if the students survive!

Once a shining beacon and safe haven for young mutants everywhere, the next class of X-Men begin their long journey right here at the Xavier Institute. But let’s face it: not all mutants are created equal. Some young mutants aren’t cut out to be the next X-Men. You just hope will survive their first run-in with a Sentinel. But Jubilee isn’t about to sell her class of underdogs short. Under her instruction and mentorship, she hopes to navigate them through growing pains and dangers that would put even the most seasoned X-Men to the test!

“Traditionally, the Xavier Institute’s been the place for societally rejected young mutants to seek shelter,” says writer Christina Strain in an interview with Marvel.com. “Once there, they’re taught how to properly harness their powers and sometimes, after graduating, some of them have gone on to become full-fledged X-Men. But let’s be real for a second. Not every young mutant is X-Men material…”

What do you do when you’re the outcasts among the outcasts? When you don’t fit in – even at the school you were promised you’d belong? You forge your own path. Welcome to Generation X, hope you survive the experience! It all kicks off this Spring when Strain & Pinna bring you GENERATION X #1!

New Mutants

Aside from being  a new book, the Gen X revival also signals something else – new mutants. And I mean that in the general way, not as in ‘New Mutants’, the old team from the 80s/90s. And that’s a very, very good thing for X-Men fans.

Remember that we’re getting new solo books with the likes of Iceman and Jean Grey. Oh, and don’t forget that new X-Men Blue and Gold comics are on the way too. That alone if cause for excitement, but then you can add on that we’re also getting a promising new crop of mutants in the Marvel U.

At least, that’s what it seems. Gen X is a team of newbies after all, and they mostly look like characters that we haven’t seen before. That’d mean that mutants, post X-Men vs Inhumans, are very much alive and well in the Marvel U. And that should make any X-fan extremely happy.

So cross your fingers and get ready for a new semester, Jubilee and Generation X hit stands with their first issue in the Spring of 2017.

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