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Games with Gold gets Outlast, Sleeping Dogs and more

Xbox Gold Members will receive Outlast, Sleeping Dogs, Outland and Burnout: Paradise via the Games with Gold program.

Starting December 1st, Sleeping Dogs: The Definitive Edition for the Xbox One will be available as will Outland via the backward compatibility program. The Hong Kong adventure stars Wei Shen as he tries to break up the notorious Triads. This open world adventure is full of thrilling chases, gunfights and martial arts. Kick, punch and chop some butts with Sleeping Dogs on December 1st. From the Xbox 360 comes the game, Outland.

Outland is a quirky tale set in a far off land. Civilization is on the verge of collapsing and one man can save the day. With his powers of duality, he can switch between the colors of balance and chaos. Interactions will vary depending on the type of color needed. Outland should provide plenty of unique gameplay. Outland will be available through the Games with Gold program starting December 1st.

Outlast your opponents in Paradise City

After World War II ended, a group of German scientist were hired to work for the United States of America. The project was top secret. Rumors were the scientist were conducting experiments on inmates at an insane asylum. Several years later, there is a grisly three-person murder at the asylum and it is concluded to shut down the facility. Flash forward to present day and the asylum is supposed to be deserted, but there is something still inside. Outlast is a horror game full of screams. Settle in on a chilly night and play Outlast starting on December 16th.

The Games with Gold program is bringing back on heck of a race sim. Take me down to the paradise city, where the streets are long and the cars are pretty. Tear up the streets in Burnout: Paradise City. This open world racer from Criterion, is an absolute must have game. Buckle up and put the pedal to the metal starting on December 16th.

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