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Corvo is back in this new Dishonored 2 trailer

Bethesda would like to remind you that Corvo Attano is very much a part of Dishonored 2. A teleporting, stabbing, electrocuting part.

A little older, a little deadlier

Working alongside his daughter, Empress Emily Kaldwin, Corvo is at his nastiest here in this fist look at him in action in Dishonored 2. He’s got reason to be, since the events of the first game concluded, things have been pretty good. Emily was seated as the rightful ruler of the state and he got to relax a bit. It isn’t till the vicious Delilah comes along that things get… not so great.

Taking the throne by force, Delilah is now hunted by both father and daughter in Arkane Studios sequel. Of course, you’ll have to carve your way through her army to get to her and set things right. Or not. This is Dishonored remember, so you can go in guns (and sword) blazing, or sneak your way through the campaign, lurking in the shadows. Superpowers, industrial-designed weaponry, and an arsenal of gadgets are all at your disposal though, so chances are you’ll be doing a bit of all of the above.

Dishonored 2 slinks onto the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC on November the 11th.

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