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SDCC 2016: Turtles, Aliens, and Evil Dead galore at NECA

As usual, NECA put on one of the most impressive displays found at this past Comic Con. Aliens, Predator, Evil Dead and more were all in attendance.

Quarter scale in full force

Aside from the exclusive TMNT arcade packs that the company had on hand, NECA made a splash with their quarter scale Turtles. Found right at the front of the booth, these bad boys are cast with the usual amount of detail you’d expect from NECA. And in the 1/4 size scale, they’re mighty impressive.

Not to be outdone though, Marvel and DC both had some very impressive quarter-scalers on display too. Particularly cool were the long-awaited Hulk figure, an accessory-loaded Deadpool figure, and the Catwoman and Penguin (version 2) figs from the Batman Returns movie.

Check it all out in the gallery.

Aliens, Predators, and… pillars

One of NECAs biggest and best known licenses, Fox’ Aliens and Predator film series’ were as prominent at SDCC as they’ve always been. There’s a good reason for that too – NECA does a phenomenal job with them.

This show had new and hotly-anticipated entries on display that shouldn’t disappoint fans. As usual too, the company had some awesome displays set up to frame all the figures. And for the first time, you’ll reportedly actually be able to buy pieces of one of them.

The pillars will be out in November (according to NECA) and are pretty neat. They’ve definitely got the theme down pat, and should flesh out an Alien diorama nicely.

Also worth a mention is the re-release of the Alien Eggs pack, which will be in glow-in-the-dark flavor this time. Cool stuff. Check it all out below.

Horror never looked so good

Okay, so NECA knows horror too. In fact, they know it really, really well. And they had a nice selection of horror-themed properties at the booth. But far and away, the coolest stuff was from Ash vs Evil Dead.

The reborn franchise, which currently airs on Starz channel, has brought Bruce Campbell’s Ash back to horror prominence and this new series of figures reflects that. Not only will wave 1 have two versions of the title badass, but it’ll also have Eligos. A demon that had a fatal interaction with the chosen one in season 1, Eligos is a gruesome vision of what’s to come.

Personally, I’m stoked for this wave, and more than a little pumped for what NECA is cooking up for the future.

The best of the rest

There was more than just the above though. Oh, so much more…

From the incredible Superman vs Muhammed Ali two pack, to an incredible-looking new assortment of Blizzard characters from Legends of the Storm, NECA was in top form at SDCC. If you’re a fan of… well just about anything, there was something to like.

Scroll down for the rest of what you should be keeping an eye out for.

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