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Juri Kicks Into Street Fighter V This July

The next character to be added to the Street Fighter V roster is Juri. Wearing her skin tight motorbike leathers, Juri looks to use her leg based moves to beat her competitors.

Juri Street Fighter V

Time to kick it up a notch:

Juri looks like a rather combo heavy character with some interesting moves. Some of her special moves return like the projectile move ‘Fuhajin’ and the spin kick ‘Senpusha’. ‘Senpusha’ looks to be more of an uppercut move rather than a grounded one. Though this move has become Juri’s uppercut, the light version remains grounded. Juri’s new move ‘Ryodansatsu’ looks to hit overhead creating a few interesting situations.

Juri’s V-Skill taps into her ‘Feng Shui Engine’ allowing her to dash through the opponent, then kicking them. Interestingly this V-skill can be charged allowing for greater distances to be reached. The V-reversal is very reminiscent of her previous ultra ‘kaisen Dankairaku’ which is a nice touch. Juri’s V-trigger allows her to fully harness the power of the ‘Fenh Shui Engine’. This looks absolutely crazy as Juri can chain together normal moves and slightly increase her movement. By chaining normal moves means that it is easier to combo and present different combos, ones that cannot be performed by linking.

In all Juri looks to be her crazy self with a few added tricks. Even her critical art has a trick as well. The move, ‘Sakkai Fuhazan’ looks like to be a close quarter, overhead move. However, upon testing, it actually is a projectile, sending out a wave. Unfortunately, damage and range does decrease as it travels so it’s best to be used either up close, or mid-range.

If you want to get some hands on time with Juri before her release date, then story mode has you covered. Story mode provides players a chance to play as the DLC characters as a small taster, including the upcoming character Urien. Previously, Street Fighter V had it’s big June update, releasing it’s first ever story mode amongst characters like Ibuki and Balrog.

Juri will become available on July 26th and can be purchased for 100,000 fight money.

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