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New Independence Day game hitting for iOS/Android

Already in ‘soft launch’ in some territories, Independence Day: Resurgence Battle Heroes should be hitting all iOS and Android mobiles soon.

You don’t see all that many movie tie-in games anymore on consoles/PC, but the mobile space is proving to be a haven for them. And in the case of Independence Day: Resurgence Battle Heroes, it sounds like that’s a good thing indeed.

The game tasks players with building a fleet to protect Earth from the new incoming alien threat. After you start your army, you’ll then have to engage the attackers in a series of turn-based battles based on scenarios from the upcoming film.

According to developer Zen Studios, you’ll also be able to upgrade and manage your fleet, build your own Area 51 hanger, and “collect famous ESD pilots”. Co-op games will be possible online as well, and you can even engage other players in a little turn-based PvP.

Independence Day: Resurgence Battle Heroes will officially be available worldwide on June 9th for iOS and Android mobiles, but it’s ready to play right now on iOS units in Canada and is in open-beta on Android handsets.

As for Independence Day: Resurgence itself, the movie that the game is attached to, you can expect to see that in theaters on June 24th.

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