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Marvel sheds more light on Dead No More – Updated!

An upcoming Spider-Man event of some kind, Dead No More got a little less mysterious thanks to a trio of interlocking images.


Update #3: Doc. Ock. ’nuff said.

Update #2: Marvel has updated this gigantic image again, adding in Gwen Stacy clinking glasses with a man in a jackal mask. And no, this isn’t Gwenpool or Spider-Gwen, it’s the ‘real’ Marvel 616 Gwen. Curiouser and curiouser…

Update: We’ve added a fourth image to the gallery above, with the release of the formerly missing page. And it’s not Venom, as I original thought, who’s arm was in the previously releases shot, but Rhino. And the big guy isn’t alone either as he’s joined by classic Spidey foes Electro and the Lizard! Suddenly, my interest for Dead No More has increased exponentially. 

We still really don’t know anything about Dead No More, but there’s some interesting stuff happening here that we can definitely glean some info from. I’m going to guess this is a four-part gatefold deal too, but who knows, it could easy be a series of covers.

For starters, we’ve got the first image which is coated with the dead and buried. And chief among them, is who I’m going to say is Pete’s Uncle Ben, who’s smack in the middle. With those luminous bits swirling around them all, it kind of looks like they’re all materializing out of thin air, which is also interesting.

Next we have the image of Spider-Man himself, who’s battling… something. We can’t tell what with any certainty, since there’s a missing panel. After the break, which will more than likely be filled in with another tease sometime soon, we get a series of Spidey’s allies.

Scarlett Spider (Kaine), Madame Web, and Prowler are all seen here, along with a very curious arm. Unless I miss my guess, that’s Venom. And by Venom, I mean Venom – Eddie Brock’s insane Spider-Man-obsessed version. I’m not entirely sure what that might mean, but it could spell a big shift for some of the Spidey-supporting cast, including the current Venom: Space Knight *cringe*, Flash Thompson.

More to come on this one folks, lots more. Expect to see Dead No More play out in Spider-Man titles come this Fall.

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