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Think Geek launches Fallout 4 Loot Box

Think Geek is the exclusive retailer stocking this nifty bundle of Fallout 4 swag.

With Fallout 4 hitting tomorrow, now would be the perfect time to dive deep and get that inner Fallout geek out and into the open. And if you’re thinking along those lines, or you know someone who’s a big fan of Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic series and needs a Holiday gift, this bundle deal looks like a fantastic fit.

Including everything that you see above in the pic, the whole ‘Fallout 4 Vault 111 Loot Box’ will run you a neat $100 USD, which is actually a pretty great price when you consider everything that’s included. Here’s the long and the short of what’s in the box, which by the way, you can grab for yourself right here:

  • 7” Intelligence Bobblehead
  • Nuka-Cola Shot Glass
  • Vault 111 Hoodie
  • Full Size F04 Flag
  • Vault 111 Backpack
  • Vault 111 Keychain
  • Vault 111 Lunch Box

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