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Comic Shop Picks: More Gods and Monsters and Secret Wars arrive

There are a few gems this week to add to your collection, including the second Gods and Monsters one-shot from DC, featuring Wonder Woman.

Last week, it was Superman, and this time around the alternate universe Wonder Woman has her day in the sun with a one-shot issue telling her background in the Gods and Monsters universe created by Bruce Timm. Timm is, of course, best known for basically creating the DC Animated Universe from the 90s that spilled into the new millennium with the Justice League cartoon series. Simply put, he knows what he’s doing and he’s built a whole new universe to play in with Gods and Monsters, which re-envisions all the DC heroes and villains in brand new ways.

Wonder Woman here for instance, is a New God and not an Amazon. She joins the son of Zod (Superman) and the vampiric Karl Langstom (Batman) as a way more anti-heroic version of the Justice League in the animated movie that just hit DVD and Blu Ray. These single issues are an expansion on that film, which has already captured more than a few fans. Where it goes after this, who knows, but these issues are the building blocks for what could be a pretty popular new franchise for DC. Oh, and of course they seem really good too. Don’t miss ’em.

If you’re not into Gods and Monsters though, there’s plenty more to like this week, including more Secret Wars, the final issue of The Witcher: Fox Children, Darth Vader #8 and more. Scroll down to see my full list of picks for today, and make sure you click here to see the full catalog of what’s available on Previews website.

Dark Horse Comics

  • This Damned Band #1 – The latest in weird from Dark Horse presents a band that thought they were worshipping Satan with their music. And they actually were.
  • The Witcher: Fox Children #5 – The final issue, and it’s got Geralt trapped on a ship with a bunch of unsavory types and an angry she-fox.

DC Comics

  • JLA Gods and Monsters: Wonder Woman #1 – see above
  • Green Lantern #43 – Hal meets up with an old enemy in Relic, who might hold the key to saving the universe.
  • Mad Max Fury Road: Mad Max #2 – Straight from the mind of Max creator George Miller, Max is on the hunt for his car, but of course things are rarely that straightforward for him.
  • Omega Men #3 – The Men have seemingly killed Kyle Rayner, kidnapped a princess, and stolen a Citadel warship. So just another day for a bunch of malcontents then.

IDW Publishing

  • Transformers #44 – Friendship, or lack thereof, in the wake of war – plus Arcee is on Cybertron and something’s up.

Marvel Comics

  • Age of Apocalypse #2 – Magneto’s X-Men take on the Summer’s brothers.
  • Amazing Spider-Man: Renew your Vows #3 – The controversial series continues.
  • Darth Vader #8 – Are a bunch of bounty hunters really taking on the Empire?
  • Future Imperfect #4 – The Maestro teams with Thing to tackle some nasty trolls and Ulik himself.
  • Infinity Gauntlet #3 – The search for the Infinity Gems (oh sorry – stones)  continues as Thanos makes his presence felt.
  • Red Skull #2 – The Skull and Magneto working together? Something’s not right about that.


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