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The Maestro enters Battleworld to take on… X-Factor?

Pretty different than the first glimpse of the evil, future Hulk that we got in the classic Hulk series, this version of the Maestro is in charge of Dystopia, ruling it with an iron fist. But that won’t stop X-Factor from trying to knock him down a peg or two.

Hulk is the strongest there is! Now, he’s the smartest, most calculating, ruthless villain there is too! This June, ask yourselves – can anyone stop the Maestro? That’s the question when the oppressive lord of Dystopia comes to Battleworld for FUTURE IMPERFECT #1! Legendary writer Peter David returns to the nuclear ravaged wastelands he made famous alongside artist Greg Land for an explosive all-new Secret Wars tale! Now calling himself the Maestro, the Hulk stands triumphant over the world’s heroes and villains having bested them all! Ruling his domain on Battleworld, his gamma-fisted tyranny knows no bounds. Can anyone stop him? Nobody knows – but that won’t stop a small band of rebels led by X-FACTOR from trying! The battle for freedom begins this June in the bombastic pages of FUTURE IMPERFECT #1!

The cast of Future Imperfect has really been getting some play as of late. Not only did the Maestro guest star in Spider-Man 2099 not too long ago, but here he is in his own spin-off tale for Secret Wars.

And before that, there was basically nothing from the character since the original Peter David storyline that introduced him in The Incredible Hulk #401- and that was over 20 years ago! Better late than never though, as this future Earth is one that’s got no shortage of interesting developments… not the least of which of course is that Hulk is a dictator over the entire world.

Add in X-Factor to the mix, and there should be plenty of compelling reasons to pick up Future Imperfect #1, which is a Secret Wars crossover. So for all you completionists out there, well, you were probably going to get it anyway weren’t you? Future Imperfect #1 from Peter David and Greg Land (with alt cover from Dale Keown!) hits the racks on June 3rd.

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