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Halo 5 gets a pair of trailers and a release date

Hunter or hunted? The tale of Locke and the Master Chief in Halo 5 is a little of both.

Dropping last night during The Walking Dead, the Halo 5 trailers have certainly shed a little more light onto the narrative for the fifth numbered Halo game. We can definitely say with certainty now that the new Spartan, Halo Nightfall’s Locke, and the Chief are at odds is a pretty big way.

Although both men are Spartans in the UNSC, it looks like there’s some kind of betrayal (or assumed betrayal at any rate) in the cards where it comes to the Chief and where he’s been between the end of Halo 4 and the beginning of 5. We also appear to be back on Earth, at the shrine that was built for the Chief when he was presumed dead at the end of the Convent war and Halo 3. With the Forerunners involved (and probably serving as the main baddies this time around), a  good chink of play just might be Earth-bound in H5. Though that’s been teased before.

Aside from the new trailers, we also got an official release date for the game, and it’s definitely coming this year as October 27th is the launch date for 343 Industries’ Halo 5: Guardians on the Xbox One. Sit tight, we’ll have more for you, including (hopefully) a look at what’s in that massive collector’s edition box, sometime soon.

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