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Release date announced: LA Cops

Get out on the beat and take back the streets in LA Cops. Set in the 1970s, this top-down shooter by Team17 and Modern Dream is coming to Xbox One and PC March 13.

Players will control two cops who are working together as partners. Together, the two cops must work to clean up the mean streets of 1970’s Los Angles. Choose between six different cops as they battle crime across 13 levels. Don’t forget to pack heat before fighting crime. Players will have five upgradeable weapons to choose from. Win back the streets of LA with weapons like a pistol, machine gun and even a grenade launcher.

LA Cops is bringing back the 1970s with all the mustaches, bell bottoms and huge sunglasses you can handle. Players will have to coordinate the two cops and work in a tactical manner to bring peace to Los Angles. So sit back and enjoy the ride as Team17 and Modern Dream bring 1970’s LA to your living room. For more information please visit the website here.

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