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Marvel previews new Star Wars title

The first issue of Marvel’s new take on the Star Wars franchise is almost here.

Lucasfilm Ltd. and Marvel Entertainment are extremely proud to present your new look at the highly anticipated STAR WARS #1 – the blockbuster new ongoing series welcoming Star Wars™ back home to the House of Ideas! The all-star creative team of Jason Aaron (Thor, Original Sin), artist John Cassaday (Astonishing X-Men) and colorist Laura Martin bring a galaxy far, far away to life like never before as the adventures of the Rebel Alliance continue following the events of Star Wars: A New Hope!

“Every story is about the characters, and we’ll focus on all the old favorites,” writer Jason Aaron tells Marvel.com “There will be big moments for everyone, from Han to R2-D2. But a major part of the narrative will be driven by Luke Skywalker and his journey of discovery, a journey that will decide the fate of the entire galaxy.”

Taking place immediately after the destruction of the first Death Star, join Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, R2-D2 and C-3PO as the Rebel Alliance attempts to liberate the galaxy from Darth Vader and the tyranny of the Empire! Created in close partnership with Lucasfilm, this new ongoingcomic series will exist as part of the canon for the Star Wars Universe!

“If you’re not excited for StarWars right now, you must be living under a rock!” says Star Wars Editor Jordan D. White. “All anyone is talking about is that awesome teaser…and it’s still a whole year before the movie comes out! Fortunately, we’ve been working overtime to bring you all-new adventures of the original StarWars gang to satisfy everyone’s hunger for space adventure! Jason Aaron, Kieron Gillen, Mark Waid—these are some of the best writers in the comics industry, and they are sparing no expense to craft stories that live up to the classic series with the same feel and tone of the original.  Combine them with the amazing artwork of John Cassaday, Salvador Larroca, and Terry Dodson—each one a serious StarWars fan themselves—and trust me…these comics will be everything you could want from a StarWars series.”

The world of Star Wars™ is set to make it’s triumphant return to Marvel beginning in January 2015, and now is your chance to jump on board the brand new series for one of the biggest launches of the year! Take your first step into a larger world when STAR WARS #1 comes to comic shops and digital devices this January!

This one’s getting some serious traction. There are few properties as big as Star Wars, and very few comics that have been as widely hyped as the first issue of Marvel Comics’ new Star Wars title, the first for the publisher since they lost the franchise a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. As you can see, the new run will take place during the original trilogy of films and work in pretty much all of the characters that fans know and love.

And Marvel won’t be stopping here as there are more books on the way. It looks like Star Wars represents a whole new universe of books for the publisher, and not just one or two random comics that will run alongside their usual Marvel superhero comics. Even though Dark Horse Comics (the former publisher of Star Wars comics) had done an awesome job with the IP, I’m pretty excited to see what Marvel has cooking for George’s universe.

It’s a fresh starts, and a canon one that’s not likely to get overturned since Disney owns both Marvel and Lucasfilm, so it should be something that fans can get excited about on a monthly basis. Or several times a month as the case might be. Star Wars #1 arrives on the racks on January 14th, 2015.

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