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EGX Hands-On: The Marvellous Miss Take

Robbed by the elite?  Get your own back.

The Leftfield Collection at Rezzed is a great place to check out the smaller, more inventive indie games that are currently in development.  One of the most interesting looking games in the collection is a game called ‘The Marvellous Miss Take’.

The game is being made by Wonderstruck, a studio made up of some ex-Lionhead developers and some other industry veterans.  It takes the form of a stealth game, where you control Sophia Take, who has been swindled out of the greatest art collection in existence, and she decided to retrieve her collection by stealing it back.

Each level in the game is made up of several floors, where the idea is to collect all the art without being caught and shot by the guards.  You move by clicking the left mouse button on a location to move there.  Holding the left mouse button down will cause you to run, allowing you to move much faster, but the noise will attract any nearby guards.  There are other tactics you can use, such as walking across a guard’s sight line to draw them out, so you can sneak around the back of them and away.

What makes the game challenging is that the movements of the guards doesn’t follow a set path, so you have to outsmart them.  This also means that, if you get caught out, your next playthrough will be different, because you’ll have to take a different approach.  In later levels, security cameras are added to the mix, which will immediately alert the guards to your location.  The only way to deal with them is to duck behind cover until they pass you by and then make your move.

This is shaping up to be a very enjoyable stealth game.  I honestly could have stayed and played all day if I had the time.  If you want more information, and to pre-order the game for the temporary special price of $9.99, you can do so at the game’s official website.

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