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Nintendo’s latest update offers a quickstart menu for Wii U

The latest update for Wii U gives players a nifty quick start menu, which allows you to load up some recent games you’ve been playing while the system boots up.

The update also adds some other cool features to the Wii U, such as console being able to download system updates while in standby mode, full screen alerts displaying on screen while the system is in standby mode, an easier Nintendo ID setup for new users, and notifications being accessible from the home menu as well as the Wii U menu. Some of these are very welcome indeed; the automatic update is something all modern platforms should have, and the recent games feature is a handy tool that the PS3 menu has been applying for quite some time. It’s nice to see Nintendo using these modern mechanics for their console.

For the most part, updates seem to bring some rather significant changes to the forefront, like a faster start up for the console, a combination of the 3DS and Wii U accounts, etc. It makes one wonder what other improvements Nintendo is possibly cooking up for future; maybe something like a unified account system not tied to the console.

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  1. A unified system would be more than welcome. I can’t figure why Nintendo is sticking to the old console-based system since A) no one likes it and B) no other console-maker uses it.

    That said, I like these updates a lot and they generally seem way more useful than the steady stream of seemingly useless updating that the PS3 and PSP had (for example).

  2. Christopher Deleanides

    Oh, didn’t know about the useless updates. Got my PS3 in 2013 and don’t have the PSP, so I’m unaware. Yeah, still waiting on the account system that isn’t tied to the console. I would really like that.

  3. Well, to be fair they weren’t useless per say, but they were so minor that it always seemed to me that a bunch could have simply been rolled into a more spaced out update like Microsoft and Nintendo offer.

    There was a point that whenever I turned on my PlayStation anything I needed to update it before playing my game. Very annoying.

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