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Blue Beetle joins the multiversal fight in Infinite Crisis

No, not Ted Kord, but Jamie Reyes and his big bad battle armor are joining the DC Comics MOBA.

Jamie Reyes wandered into a fight between warring super-human gangs and, desperate to escape, stumbled across the object which they were fighting over: a strange blue scarab. The scarab bonded to Jamie and instantly covered his body with battle armor. Protected, he fled to safety.

After his escape, Jamie was horrified to discover that while the armor wasn’t permanent, his bond to the scarab was. Worse, he discovered the scarab could “speak” in his mind. It revealed to Jamie that it was called Khaji-da and it was a living tool of conquest created by the Reach, an alien empire bent on conquest. Designed to control its host’s mind, Khaji-da intended for Jamie to be a tool of the Reach, paving the way for their invasion. However, the scarab was damaged, much to Jamie’s luck, and he retained free will. Now he struggles as Blue Beetle, misunderstood teenager and hero.

As more of an old school DC Comics fan myself, I’m not really familiar with Jamie’s version of the Blue Beetle. The character has been around for a while now in both the pre-revamp and New 52 continuities though, so it’s not like he’s a raw rookie by any means.

Following in the footsteps of Kord (a longtime favorite of fans) and original Beetle Dan Garret, Reyes’ take on the character is wholly different and works in several sci-fii elements that neither previous version ever did. I have to say, that battle armor is pretty neat too.

You can play as Jamie Reyes right now in the free-to-play DC Comics MOBA from Turbine, Infinite Crisis. Find out more here.

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