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Indie Royale Release The Florida Bundle

Six of the best.  Plus one future bonus game.

It’s time for another new bundle from the folks at Indie Royale.  ‘The Florida Bundle’ contains six initial games, with a seventh mystery game to be unveiled at a later date.  The games in question this time are ‘Defence Technica’, ‘Marc Eckō’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure’, ‘Stronghold Crusader HD’, ‘BlackSoul: Extended Edition’, ‘Angvik’ and ‘Zombies On A Plane’.

All of them are on Steam with the exception of ‘Zombies On A Plane’.  Three of the games are available for Mac and four are available for Desura.  In addition, if you pay more than £5 or your currency equivalent, you’ll get the album ‘Lost Tapes 1’ by Zabutom as well.

You can check this bundle out at the Indie Royale website.

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