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SNES reimagining of Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix made a neat little video of a boss battle in FFXIV that was remade in the style of a SNES Final Fantasy.

As I said once before, it appears as though Square is seeing a market for old school JRPGs again. With games like Bravely Default, Final Fantasy: All the Bravest, and this little divvy, they appear to be ebbing in that direction a bit. They’re appealing to a fanbase that for the longest time, hasn’t really gotten much love. As a fan of the older ones myself, I would admittedly be very tempted to buy this if the game was done in this style, I’m a sucker for 16 bit games, especially ones that are JRPGs. Anyway, the video itself is rather entertaining, it shows many of the 16 bit sprites that you’d see in Final Fantasy 5, such as Galuf, Bartz as a knight, Lena as a white mage, and more.

The sound effects used are also from the 16 bit era; the music on the other hand is done in 8-bit style. The boss itself is vintage as well, with movements resembling the kind you’d see from enemies in the old FF games. All of the spells cast and attacks are classic too. It’s rather authentic, and really does bring you back.

Source: Allgamesbeta

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  1. I wonder what the chances are that Square Wnjx would make a whole game in the classic style are. I’d buy it in a second.

  2. Christopher Deleanides

    With the way Square has been conducting business lately, it wouldn’t surprise me. I really do sense a desire in them to make RPGs in this vein again. Honestly, if they made one like this, I’d probably buy it in a second myself.

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