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Sonic Lost World US commercial

Sonic Lost World is just two days away from being released in North America, and for the upcoming release Sega has prepared a commercial for the US.

What comes to mind when seeing this ad is the old Sonic The Hedgehog commercials in the 90s. The way they filmed some of the scenes really gives off that edge Sega was always known for in the past. The ad begins with a man pushing around a hotdog stand in a dark and misty city; he stops to see trails of flames on the road and skyscrapers. You see Sonic standing on one of the building’s walls putting out the flames; the commercial then shifts to quick shots of gameplay footage.

Sonic Lost World is shaping up to be a real return to form. The game appears to be more platform intensive than recent Sonic games, instead of just boosting your way to victory. For the most part the sense of speed seems to still be intact, while players are encouraged to carefully navigate levels. There are 2D sections and 3D sections of the game. The 3D sections have multiple paths to take, while the 2D sections don’t really have much in the way of exploration. While most would call the game Super Mario Galaxy inspired, it looks more like a modern version of Sonic Xtreme. Sonic Lost World will be heading to stores and the eshop October 29th.

Source: TailsChannel

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