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Sega pumps out another Sonic Lost World trailer

It seems Sega is determined to spread the word that there’s a new Sonic title on the way for the Wii U and the 3DS in October, as they’re advertising the game nonstop this fall.

The trailer is more like your average Japanese commercial, full of hype and charm. You can’t help but smile whenever you hear “Sonic action!”. They’ve made sure to fill it up with as much information and features as possible, making sure to explain the game’s components to people that may not be so familiar with the game. However, if you’ve been paying attention this past year, you’re probably well acquainted with what the trailer has to offer, such as the four player feature, Tails’ lab, the connectivity between the 3DS version of the game and the Wii U version, the story behind Dr. Robotnik teaming up with Sonic against the deadly six, etc.

That being said, it does still have some goodies for those of us that have been thirsting for new levels. You see an underwater section as Sonic travels through it employing the power of a wisp, a tropical island, some new areas of stages we’ve seen before, the lightning wisp, and much more. What is perhaps the most interesting the aspect of the trailer though, is what you can see 26 seconds into the video. If you look carefully at the right hand corner, you can see an emblem which displays the seven chaos emeralds, could this mean the return of Super Sonic? It seems to indicate that this is the case, if they require you to collect them all, as this is a staple in every Sonic game. Sonic Lost World hits shelves October 22nd for the Wii U and 3DS.

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