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Titanfall shows off the finer points of ‘in’ and ‘out of’ mech combat

EA and Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall is looking pretty spectacular in this new gameplay trailer from out of Gamescom. At this point, combat outside one of the title mechs is looking almost as much fun as riding inside one.

There’s a reason that this game made waves at E3; Respawn has got Titanfall looking like a marquee title. The multiplayer-only game actually plays and feels like a single player affair, which is very interesting stuff all by itself. The map we saw in the trailer is called Angel City and it was being played in an all new mode named Attrition. I assume that has something to do with battling your enemies till they’re no longer standing. War of attrition and all that.

Graphically, Titanfall is nothing short of stunning (as you can see) and the ‘feel’ of being in a gritty, up close and personal warzone seems terrifically realized. I’m also pretty surprised that the ‘on foot’ fighting looks just as much fun as the mech stuff. There looks like a lot more to do outside of one of the metal monsters too, which is pretty cool and some actual incentive to not just have a map loaded with players in mechs. It’ll be interesting to see what else EA reveals about the game as we get closer to release since it’s already looking very impressive indeed.

Titanfall is scheduled for release in 2014 for the Xbox 360/One and the PC.

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