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Amazon Starts Its Own Indie Games Store

Yet another way to get your indie gaming on.

If you didn’t feel you had enough avenues to get your hands on some top indie games, then Amazon have got another choice for you as they’ve opened their own ‘Indie Games Store‘ to allow you to buy and download games.

The intent of the store is to “help indie game developers with promoting their PC, Mac, and browser-based games while helping gamers discover a large and growing selection of innovative indie games.”

If you make a purchase from the store between now and July 17th, you’ll get codes that are good for three pre-selected change, with a different set of games each day.  Amazon also offer bundles with 100% of the sales going to the developers.

Source: Destructoid

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  1. This is great news for Indie developers, in the past year or so i’ve mainly been playing indie games rather than the so called “AAA” blockbuster games, and I have to say there’s an originality and creativity thats lacking in alot of mainstream games, so i’m really happy that indie developers are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

  2. Pretty cool. The more the merrier as far as outlets go for indies. Let’s hope it works out for the studios better than Greenlight.

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