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Mirror Universe Minimate set on the way for Star Trek line

DST’s Star Trek Minimates series is about to get an Enterprise of its own- and an exclusive ‘Mirror, Mirror’ version as well.

The “stylized” Minimate version of the famous starship as it appeared in the classic ‘Mirror, Mirror’ episode of the original Star  Trek series will be faithfully crafted to look just like the alternate version of the ship- compete with a little Mirror Universe Jim Kirk in the command seat.

From the classic Star Trek episode “Mirror, Mirror,” it’s the I.S.S. Enterprise! In a mirror universe, Captain Kirk and his crew are bloodthirsty representatives of a cruel civilization. This exclusive version of the Minimate Enterprise includes the distinctive Terran Empire markings and comes with Kirk in his sleeveless gold tunic! The I.S.S. Enterprise’s engineering section opens up to reveal a Jefferies Tube, and the bridge opens up to reveal the removable command chair. Includes an adjustable display base!

The Mirror Universe version of the Enterprise will be an Entertainment Earth exclusive, so you’ll only be able to order this specific variant version of the ship at the online retailer. Fans looking for the regular Enterprise will still be able to get that ship at Toys R Us and specialty/comic shops though.

So you might want to pre-order now if you want a Mirror Enterprise, you can get it right here. The ship leaves spacedock this May.

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